Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sick with a cold = Whiskey

Last week I caught a cold. I am just now getting over it. Of course I still kept my busy schedule of working two jobs, but whenever I got a spare moment, I spent it on the couch relaxing rather than working my brain and writing.

Sleep, my Dad says, is the one prescription that the doctor won't prescribe. I work for my Dad and Uncle in sales in the morning and then I teach Pilates in the evenings. My sleep was no problem. Sleep a full 8 hours at night and then rest in the afternoon. It was my voice that was the problem.

I made licorice tea to sooth my throat in the morning and then again to drink while I was teaching. By the end of teaching two classes the first day, I didn't have voice. I hate taking drugs and I avoid them at all costs, so the second day my mom told me to put whiskey in my tea.

What?! Evidently there is a reason there is alcohol in cough medicine. Hey, although the taste of licorice, honey and Jack Daniels was an odd flavor, it worked! Now every time I get a cold, shot glasses will be drying on the counter and the Jack Daniels might be missing ;)

I looked up some old cold remedies and found the following helpful link, be sure to check out number 5!


  1. hmm.. now is that is a very strange remedy.. i wil try it some day

  2. heu, comment dire, si le Jack Daniels a des effets bénéfiques sur la voix,en est-il de même pour l'élocution? '' hips!''

  3. Haha the amount that I have in my tea doesn't affect my hips. Cough syrup has alcohol in it too. However, say I drank the whole bottle (which would disable me from teaching Pilates... kind of not the point! haha), now that would give me back my butt... :)

  4. <3 That's my family's remedy for everything, nto gonna lie, it works the best.

  5. well i will try it defenitely...

  6. Whiskey is a drug. And it's the best cold cure ever!